Ellie’s Song (Update)

Last fall I wrote about our youth pastor and his wife and their plan to adopt a young girl from Thailand.  You can read all about it Here.

The adoption process is still moving along and I thought I would post an update from Gregg:

Things still going strong with the adoption! In the process of completing what is called a dossier and then it is a matter of waiting… and waiting… and then waiting some more.
I wanted to tell you all about an opportunity that has come up! Kxoj, the local christian radio station in Tulsa, has issued a battle of the bands. My brother and I are going to be making a music video to Ellie’s song to submit! The winner gets to open for Mercy Me’s Rockin Worship Road Show. I would love if we got the opportunity to do that for 2 reasons: 1. It would help us get the song some exposure helping us raise funds and 2. It would help raise awareness for adoption! One thing Tam and I have been praying for is that through our story there might be other families God calls to adopt! Then it’s not just Ellie’s life that will be saved but possibly dozens more!! The radio station picks the top 3 and Mercy Me picks the winner! Please be in prayer for us and that the Lord would have favor on the song!! Thank you all so much for your continued prayer and support!

Well, the video is finished and you can watch it on YouTube.  Gregg has also posted a re-mixed version of Ellie’s Song on iTunes, and you can find that here.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for this awesome family and their adoption journey!


I’m trying something new this year.  Instead of making a long list of New Year’s Resolutions (I think I made like 15 of them last year and kept a grand total of none of them) I am going to try an Un-resolution.  I first heard about My One Word (the Un-resolution) on the Eric and Mandy show on Air 1, a radio station my family listens to quite a bit.  The idea behind My One Word is that you select a single word to define the new year.  After thinking taking the first week of the 2012 to reflect a little, I chose the word “Increase” as My One Word.

Why increase?  Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I feel like I got a little overwhelmed and lazy the last half of last year.  I didn’t write or blog nearly as much as I wanted, wasn’t working out, wasn’t even working around the house as much as I should have been.  However, this is a new year and my focus is going to be on increasing my work in a number of areas.  Some things I would like to increase in 2012 include:

  • Work outs – getting back on track as well as increasing time and intensity
  • Writing – increase my number of blog posts as well as increasing my lesson writing
  • Involvement – increase my participation in youth group activities and increase support of my Sunday School girls in their high school extracurricular activities
  •  Improvements around the house – increase my time spent on organization, cleaning, and household improvements
  • Reading and Games with the family – increase the amount of time we spend on these activities as a family

The best part of choosing the word “Increase” as My One Word?  If I gain weight this year, I can still claim victory since the numbers on the scale will have “increased”!

She blogs too…

Recently my daughter and I were talking about one of my friends (no, not behind-your-back-gossip talking, just talking) and I made the following statement:

“She blogs too.”

While she didn’t actually say this out loud, I am pretty sure this is what my daughter was thinking:

“Mom, ‘too’ means ‘also’ and so maybe you just mean to say ‘she blogs’ because you haven’t touched your blog in over 3 months.”

Ouch.  At least she was smart enough not to say it out loud.

Of course, she would have been right to be fair…I haven’t posted since the middle of September.  Wow.  I remember last summer sitting at the computer and thinking about how much writing I was going to get done during the fall.  For the first time since I had become a mother, all three of my children would be attending public school.  Sure, I was starting classes in the fall too, but that was just two days a week.  That meant I was going to have 8 hours a day, three days a week all to myself. Just thinking about how much I was going to get done made me smile.


Well, you see how well that plan worked.  To be fair, there was a good deal of time wasted by me this fall.  Sometimes reading for pleasure, sometimes watching Netflix, sometimes just staring out the window enjoying the quiet.  I also spent a lot of time on school work – I must have forgotten how time consuming homework and studying could be.  Of course, there was housework and running errands and preparing for Sunday School and Bible Study.  What I’m trying to say is that a lot less writing got done last fall then I thought would.

But…it’s a new year…so it’s time for some new goals.  I think I’ll be a little less ambitious this year.  Instead of aiming for a post a day this year, I think I will shoot for a post a week – 52 seems a lot more doable than 366 (leap year!).  Besides, that way if I somehow manage to write 2 posts a week I will have exceeded my goal by 100% – who wouldn’t like to earn a 200%???

Happy New Year!