Ten-Year Fishing Trip

When our oldest turned 10, my parents established the tradition of a ten-year birthday trip.  Since she was the first grandchild, the trip was a complete surprise and she had no say in where we went.  My mom and I took Rebecca to Chicago for 2 days, where she got to visit the aquarium, have dinner and shop at the American Girl Store, and stay at a hotel for the first time.

Rebecca, age 10, posing with one of her American Girl Dolls in Chicago

Since Timothy was almost 7 when Rebecca turned 10, he had three years to plan his trip.  He decided early on that he wanted to go on a fishing trip, he just didn’t know where.  Unfortunately, Timothy turned 10 two days before we moved to Louisiana.  With all the changes and transitions that came along with moving, his ten-year trip had to be postponed.  He was very understanding about the situation since he knew he was going to get his trip – he just didn’t know when.

This year, on his eleventh birthday, he was finally rewarded with his fishing trip!  We had cake and ice cream and then packed up my dad, Tim, and Timothy and sent them to Lake Calcaisieu in Southern Louisiana for a two day fishing trip.

Here are the boys right before they left for their trip.

This is a picture of the living room area of the lodge where they stayed – I definitely wouldn’t call this roughing it!

The boys arrived at the lodge Monday afternoon, but didn’t have to go fishing until Tuesday morning.  That left them some time to take in a few games of pool at the lodge.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games on Monday. Here is a picture of my dad giving Timothy a refresher course on casting.

He looks pretty confident – I think he has the hang of it!

Here’s Timothy getting ready to go out on the boat the first day.  Notice that it is still dark. See, this is exactly why I will never be a great fisherman – the fish get up way earlier than I do!

Here fishy-fishy-fishy…

Success!  This wasn’t Timothy’s first fish of the day, but it was his first redfish.  What a great catch!

The boys were given orders not to come home with an empty cooler and they didn’t disappoint.  Here is Timothy with the catch from the first day.

Day 2 – back on the water.

Taking a pause during casting for a photo opportunity.  This picture was taken by my dad, notice Tim in the background taking a picture from the other side – in addition to ordering the boys to catch lots of fish, they were also ordered to take lots of pictures.  My mom and I must be pretty scary, because they didn’t let us down on either request!

End of day 2 – here is Timothy with the day’s haul.

Even though he had to wait an extra year for his trip (poor planning by me and Tim for moving right around his birthday!), he agreed this trip was definitely worth the wait.  All the boys had a great time and they brought home lots of fish and lots of pictures!