I found some M & Ms in my refrigerator today…

…you may be thinking I am about to make a confession regarding these M & Ms.  I am.

But I am NOT going to confess to you that I ate them.  Nope, that’s not the confession.  Even if I wasn’t trying to eat healthier, I wouldn’t have eaten these M & Ms.  You are no doubt familiar with the “5 second rule”.  Well, these candies wouldn’t have been edible if that was the “5 month rule”.  How do I know this?  The last time we had M & Ms in our fridge was June.  2010.  That’s right.  I remember it well.  Someone from our church in Michigan sent home a bag of them last June when we were getting ready to move.  She said she knew we would have lots of kids in and out of our house during the packing and moving and so we could share them.  I remember one day when there were tons of kids running around, some of the candy got spilled.  I thought I cleaned them all up.  Apparently not.  Also apparent is that no one noticed the candy in the bottom of my fridge when they moved it.

Because of this discovery, and the fact that there was an orange pop spill in my fridge (at least that was days and not weeks or months or years ago!), I decided to clean out my fridge.  Of course, the other reason I decided to clean out my fridge was because my friend Sarah (of Practical Praise) cleaned hers out weeks ago and posted pictures for me to see.  When Sarah undertakes a cleaning project (which she does often) or when she create something crafty and fantastic (which she also does often) it inspires me.  Now, it doesn’t inspire me to immediate action, mind you.  I have to let the idea sit in my brain for a while.  Then finally, either out of inspiration (in the case of her crafts) or guilt (in the case of her obsessive cleanliness), I am moved to action.

Anyway, regardless of the motivation…I now have a clean refrigerator.  Thanks Sarah :D!


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