Timothy Update

Yesterday I let everyone know what Rebecca has been doing to stay busy.  So, I thought I would post about what Timothy has been doing lately.

In school, Timothy has been learning grammar in English and working on fractions in Math.  He is studying Europe with his sister in World Cultures and has been learning about sea creatures in Science.

Timothy also recently finished up his first basketball season.  He played Upward Basketball through church and really enjoyed it.  Since this was his first season, he had a lot to learn.  Fortunately, the weather is so nice here during the winter that he was able to go out in the driveway and shoot almost every day.

Timothy has also been spending a lot of time with his good friend from church.  They got to play on the same soccer and basketball teams this year and they were kind enough to “pose” for a picture at one of their games.

Recently, Timothy was awarded with an iPod shuffle from the Children’s Minister at Cypress.  He received this award because he has memorized every scripture verse he has been given since we moved here in July.  This is definitely one of his most treasured possessions now!  Timothy also attends Bible drilling at church on Sunday night and will be competing in the church competition in May.  There are district and state competitions as well and he even has a chance to win a scholarship to youth camp this summer.  When he is not studying, playing sports, or participating in activities at church, he loves to play the Madden 2011 on the wii.


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