Where did the time go? Rebecca Update

Wow…It’s been almost a month since I posted.  Where did the time go???  Of course, I was really, really sick for a while (the flu, strep AND a sinus infection)…but still, a whole month??

Anyway, I decided I would use my next few posts to let you know what everyone has been up to while I have been AWOL.

Rebecca has been busy with school and lots of activities at church.  In school she is finishing up Algebra and studying Forces in Creation in her Physical Science course.  She is learning about Europe in World Cultures and working her way through a grammar workbook in English.

She has also been cooking a bunch.  Some of her recent recipes include Onigiri

and chocolate mint brownies.

These and other recipes can be found on her blog.  The chocolate mint brownies are insanely good.  Of course, after she made them, we confirmed the fact that the mint chips were a limited time item.  However, once we run out of these chips (we still have like 12 bags, so that won’t happen for a little while), she is going to try using Andes candies baking chips as a substitute.

When she isn’t slaving away in the kitchen and doing her school work, Rebecca has been keeping busy at church.  She is still singing with the youth group band every other week during Collide (the teen Wednesday evening service).   She and her friends were also on the winning team for Chicken, Cow, Duck (one of their youth pastor’s games).

This past weekend was D-Now at our church, which is short for Discipleship Now.  The teens spent the weekend at church having small group sessions, worship meetings, and competing with each other.  The highlight of the weekend for many of the teens was spending the weekend with the Christian group, Revive, who came and hung out with the teens during the weekend and then gave a concert Saturday night.

Thanks to Stacy Rains (the children’s minister at Cypress) who took this picture and also hosted the 7th and 8th grade girls during the weekend.  Hopefully by now she has had a chance to catch up on her sleep (but I doubt it!).

Just an FYI, Rebecca turns 14 next week (March 24)…That cannot be possible!


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