Our New Calendar

With all five of us getting more involved in our new area, I was starting to have a hard time keeping track of everyone’s activities.  I have tried to use Google Calendar, but I am just not good at keeping up with a calendar on the computer.  I need a “real” calendar on which to record our events.  So, I bought this calendar in town:


I liked the big spaces for each day and the cork board strip at the bottom.  Tim put the calendar in a central location in our dining room.  Then, I had the fun job of embellishing it.  Here is what it looks like now:

I cut out 1″ shapes for each family member (using my Cricut, of course!):

Which shape = which person?

Hand gun = Tim

Lady Bug = Tricia

Country Girl = Rebecca

Basketball = Timothy

Flower = Linden

Once I had the shapes cut out, I cut 3″ strips from index cards and attached them to the shapes:

To the back of these, I added a small magnet:

Since there are some events that repeat, I can use some of these more than once – for instance, sports practices, bible studies, etc.  Plus, since they are magnetic, I can move them around easily and without any mess.

I made several and put them in a basket below the calendar:



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