Home School Update

It seems like it has been a while since I have written about our home schooling.   I meant to post this last night, but time got away from me!

As I have mentioned here, last November we decided to put Linden in Kindergarten at our local school.  Things just weren’t clicking for her at home and the two of us were fighting every day.  Tim finally told me that she needed someone else to be her teacher so I could just be her mom.  School has been a very positive experience for her.  She is a lot less shy than she was when we first moved here and she is making very good strides at reading and writing.

Another blessing from having her in school is that the school day is much more productive for Timothy and Rebecca.  The bus picks Linden up from our driveway at about 7 am.  Since she eats breakfast at school, the big kids get dressed before Linden leaves and then eat breakfast once she is on the bus.  After clearing the breakfast dishes and a little morning silliness, we are usually able to start our school day by 7:30.

Timothy is finishing up 5th grade and just finished up a unit on fractions and factoring in his 5th grade math text.  He finished his first science book for the year, Zoology 1 by Apologia, and is getting ready to begin Zoology 2.  This is our first year using Apologia science texts and we love them.  The books are very comprehensive and have lots of experiments that my son can do mostly on his own.  Each of the big kids has been given a list of books that they are expected to read this year.  It is kind of a work in progress and has changed a little over the year.  Timothy has finished a number of books this year including the Chronicles of Narnia series.  He is now reading A Wrinkle in Time.  For grammar we are working through a comprehensive workbook.  Timothy and Rebecca are doing Social Studies together using Around The World in 180 Days, also by Apologia.  They just started the unit on Asia.

In addition to this Social Studies work, Rebecca is finishing up Algebra 1.  For science, she is working through Apologia’s Exploring Creation Through Physical Science.  She loves this course and has been able to do several hands on experiments this year.  Rebecca is also reading a lot and working through a comprehensive grammar workbook.  She is also getting back to updating her weekly blog for computer class.

With Linden in school, we are able to finish up classes and extra work by lunch, leaving the afternoon for reading, cleaning, and a little fun!


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