That 1 Thing, Cheerleading, and Basketball

This was a very full week  for our family.  Monday through Thursday, the youth at Cypress had That 1 Thing…a week-long series of discipleship meetings.  The youth were divided up into teams by grade and the grades competed with each other for an “evening out on the town”, paid for by the youth pastor.  Teams earned points based on attendance, number of guests, and performance in nightly competitions.  Rebecca’s team (the Eighth grade) won the competition and one evening in the near future Team Kaboom will be going out to IHOP and to a movie in the Party Bus (our church bus).

Thursday evening, Rebecca went to Southwood with Tim for the Southwood Biotech Magnet Program Open House.  We are planning on sending her to Southwood next year for her Freshman year.  If Tim teaches the same classes next year that he is teaching this year, that means that she will have him as an English teacher – should be fun!

Also this week, Timothy continued his Upward basketball season.  He is really improving and enjoying the season.  Today was his third game and he scored 18 points!

Linden is enjoying Upward cheerleading.  Between cheerleading and school she is really coming out of her shell.  I know, I know…that might sound funny to those of you in Michigan who can’t imagine her quiet, but when we moved to Louisiana she was suddenly very shy.  Not any more!  She is also adjusting well to the school routine and is doing much better at reading.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!


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