That 1 Thing and the 42 Day Challenge

Each evening this week, I have been going to That 1 Thing at Cypress.  That 1 Thing is a week-long series of services for our Youth.  Our Youth pastor named it That 1 Thing because he thought it would be cool for the Youth to say, “Hey, are you going to That 1 Thing tonight?”.  Anyway, it has been fun watching the youth worship through games, songs, and sharing.

One of the things our Youth pastor talked to the teens about was their daily devotional habits.  He asked the teens if they read their bible each day and waited to hear from the Lord or if they merely read a passage to check devotionals off their daily “to-do” list.  He set up a 40 (or possibly 42) day challenge in which the teens will read a focus scripture and commentary each day.  It was suggested that the teens read the entire chapter that includes the verse, rather than just the verse.  The teens are then to read any additional commentary they may have about the passage and reflect on what the verse meant to the original audience and what it means today.  Finally, the teens have been invited to journal what the Lord showed them each day and then apply it.

Because I am apparently unable to refuse a challenge in 2011, I signed on for the challenge as well.  I will be including my journal entries here as my daily posts (killing two birds with one stone!).

Here we go!


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