I’m Back!

Wow…that week went fast.  Grandma and Pap Paw were visiting for the last week, so I didn’t have a lot of extra time to post.  During the week we celebrated Christmas (part II), watched several movies, ate out way too much, and watched some basketball.  Here are a few pictures of our visit…

The kids had a great second Christmas and were each excited to get another Webkinz to add to their collections.  Linden was also excited to get a mini van for her doll house family – apparently they were getting tired of walking around the toy room!

Linden’s favorite gifts were probably her Zhu-Zhu pets (can you tell she is excited?).  We had fun watching them roam around the living room – thank goodness for hard wood floors!

The first week of the Upward basketball season was this past weekend.  This is Timothy’s first year playing basketball and Linden’s first year cheering.  Rebecca is helping out by refereeing and keeping the clock/score.

Linden agreed to let grandma put her hair in rollers so it would be curly for church.  Here she is sitting in the living room wearing one of her brother’s shirts as a nightgown, with her hair in rollers, playing with star wars legos.

Tim got a WVU tie from my parents for Christmas.  They said they wanted a picture of him wearing the tie in public, so he decided to wear it to church while they were here.  This picture was taken at Johnny’s, where we went for pizza after church.  Later Sunday afternoon, we learned that Purdue was losing to WVU while this picture was taken.  I think we were tricked!

Hopefully now that we are settling back into our routine, I will get back to posting every day.


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