It’s c-c-cold today

I mean really, really cold.  Much colder than I thought it was supposed to get here in Louisiana.  Granted, we live just about as far north as you can live in Louisiana, but I was not expecting temperatures in the low 20s!

Linden had a Winter Wonderland party tonight at church.  They had several snow related activities inside the education building for the preschool children.  Activities included Snow Ball Toss (Crumpled up white tissue paper balls the kids could throw into a bowl or at each other for a snow ball fight), Ice Skating (Sheets of plastic taped down on the floor that the kids could slide on in their socks – after their socks were sprayed with cooking spray), Snow Pile (a small class-room was filled with tons of packing peanuts that the kids could run and jump in – I sure hope the cleaning crew got paid extra for cleaning up that mess!), and a Ski Lodge (complete with hot chocolate and snacks).

Okay…enough winter.  Bring on Summer!


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