Back to School Today!

Today is back to school day for the Cobb kids.  Linden is on the bus headed to Kindergarten and I am trying to get the big kids focused and settled for their school day.  I think we are going to spend a little time reviewing and then it’s off to new studies.

In Science, Timothy is finishing up the last chapter in his first semester science book (Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day).  This year was our first to use Apologia texts for Science and we loved them.  There are lots of hands on experiments which elementary students can do with little or no help from adults.  Next up for Timothy is Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.  Timothy is working on division of money in math and reading through the novel Leviathan in English.

Rebecca is finishing up a chapter on the Earth and the Lithosphere in science (Exploring Creation with Physical Science, another Apologia text).  Next up for her is a chapter on Earthquakes – I can’t wait to read the experiments for that chapter!  She also loves her science book this year and has lots of experiments to do for each lesson.  In math we are hitting review mode to refresh her memory on some eighth grade math concepts that will be on her standardized test this spring (ratios, geometry, etc) before heading back to Algebra.  She is reading through Lord of the Rings in English before we return to grammar.

In Social Studies, the kids are moving on to a chapter on South America (It’s like America, only…SOUTH – as my kids would say thanks to the movie UP).

Happy Back to School Day!


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