Not feeling very motivated to post this morning.  Probably because I am sitting in the living room waiting for the mailman to deliver my next House DVD from Netflix.  Of course, I know that if I don’t post something now, I won’t post today (remember, my DVD is coming).  Since I am so unmotivated, Rebecca and I spent a few minutes looking at post topic suggestions.  None of the topics really moved me this morning, however, I am determined to write something today…so it seems like a good day for a family update!

I think I mentioned this in the fall, but Tim teaches in Caddo Parrish and we live in Bossier Parrish.  The school calendars for these neighboring Parrishes are a little different, so Tim went back to school Monday while the rest of the house is off until Thursday.  Tim is still enjoying his teaching position, and is looking forward to starting the second semester.  After a very disappointing football season (the team went 0 – 10), we were happy to see basketball season start.  Tim and I attended the varsity boys home opener, which they lost.  I was beginning to think that the problem was me – perhaps I was jinxing Southwood sports.  Fortunately, Tim took me to a girls basketball game which they won.  Of course, I should mention here that their girls team has played in the state championship game 11 of the last 13 years!

Rebecca and Timothy are getting ready for their second semester of school.  This will most likely be their last semester of home schooling.  Rebecca is planning on attending Southwood with Tim in the fall as part of their Biotech Magnet Program.  Timothy will attend our local middle school.  Linden was struggling with school at home this fall, so we placed her in Kindergarten at our local elementary school after Thanksgiving.  She is really thriving and learned more in the three weeks before Christmas than she did the entire fall at home.  She will continue on at the elementary school in the fall.

As for me, I am working two days a week and trying to decide what to do with my time in the fall when the kids go back to school.  Oops…there’s the mail.  Time for House!




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