Christmas Catch-Up

Yes, I know…Christmas was a week ago.  But I am hopelessly behind and trying desperately to catch up.  My original plan was just to post about the New Year and move on.  But then I decided that it would be a shame to waste all those Christmas pictures I have sitting on the computer.  So I decided to use today to finish up 2010…2011 can wait one more day I suppose!

Linden took this picture during our Christmas Eve service at Cypress


We didn't have room in the new house for our big Christmas tree. This is the new, smaller version...early Christmas morning before we let the kids get up.


Stockings too heavy to stay on the mantle...loaded with candy and gift cards this year

Waiting patiently (?) for Christmas to officially begin

The kids got the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid from my parents this fall. Timothy was excited to get the first two books in the series from his Grandpa for Christmas.


Linden explaining something to Rebecca about her new Lego and Trio sets.

Rebecca really wanted this game for the wii. I didn't think it looked that fun until I played it for the first time, now I'm hooked.

This year's "Red Rider BB Gun". We wrapped the basketball and had Timothy open it last. Then Tim told him to take the basketball out to the carport to try it out. When he went outside, he saw the basketball hoop in the driveway - he was very excited!

For some reason, two of my pictures refused to rotate…guess I will have to work on my editing skills this year.  Great…another resolution!


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