Week Books, September 10, 2010


Friday, September 10, 2010

Outside my window…I see trees and birds

Inside the house…It is messy

I am wearing…a tank top and shorts

I am thankful that…there is a God

I am hearing…talking and complaining

I am thinking…about the wii

I am going… to play around

I am reading…a safari book on Africa

I am hoping…I can play the wii

I am remembering…yesterday’s dinner

From school this week…I learned

One of my favorite things…Is the Bible

A few plans for next week…eat, sleep, and school


Friday, September 10, 2010

Outside my window…leaves, bushes, and the shed

Inside the house…TJ and I working, Mom on the computer, Linden decorating

I am wearing…a gray t-shirt and jersey shorts

I am thankful that…school is going well

I am hearing…Mom typing, Linden decorating, and our pencils writing

I am thinking…about camp and church

I am going…to hopefully mine diamonds next month

I am reading…Psalms, Proverbs, Daniel, Romans, Philippians, and Jane Eyre

I am hoping…I can knit something for a friend

I am remembering…how much fun we had at Collide

From school this week…Algebra, Africa in History, Physical Science, Informational Arts in English, and Bible

One of my favorite things…to do outside is to swim or to jump on a trampoline

A few plans for next week… school, church, Collide, chores


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