D is for Discovery

We started Science this week in our home school.  Timothy is learning about Birds in his fall science course while Rebecca is spending the year learning physical science.  So far the kids are enjoying their new science books, in part because there is a lot of hands on learning.  In the first four days of their science courses, Timothy has already done one experiment and gone on a scavenger hunt; Rebecca has completed three experiments this week.  The following are some pictures of their discoveries this week.

Rebecca pouring out vinegar for her experiment today in which she learned how chemicals work differently in different concentrations.

I believe this is the point in the experiment when she was trying to decide if I was going to take this many pictures every time she conducts an experiment.  If you look closely, you can see antacid tablets dissolving in different concentrations of vinegar.

Looking closely to see how much of the antacid remained.

Studying the different concentrations of vinegar.  (Note – if you could see her face, you would be able to see that she is really struggling to keep it together at this point.  Linden, who was totally disgusted by the vinegar smell, had just told her that she shouldn’t breath around the glasses because breathing in the vinegar “could kill you”.  Yet another discovery of the day, I suppose)

Timothy and Linden on their scavenger hunt looking for various bird-related items.  Since we have several cardinals, blue jays, finches, and other birds living in our yard, they were quite successful.

I believe they are looking for butterflies of different color here.  Note the notebook Linden is carrying around (she even had her pen) – in an effort to do what Timothy was doing.

Not sure what they found here, they were possibly looking for leaves with eggs on them or a bird’s nest.

Almost finished with the scavenger hunt here.  Good thing the neighbor dogs got into our trash this past week.  There was still a small piece of an egg shell on the ground.  I told Timothy he could count that for the “broken bird egg” entry – chickens are birds, right?


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