D is for Decorating

No, you aren’t seeing double.  I decided to double post today – wooohooo, yet another “D”.

This post isn’t really much, just a shout out to my friend Sarah back in Michigan.  She is a Martha-Stewart-kind-of-person who can take just about anything and turn it into something beautiful for her home.

This past weekend I went to the storage room to get out the fall wreath that I always put on my front door.  We made these several years ago at Sarah’s house during ladies bible study.  Unfortunately, mine didn’t quite survive the move and several of the decorations that used to be attached to it were in the bottom of the box in which it was packed.  I decided that I would just use the decorations that could be salvaged and maybe add some pine cones to it as well.  We have hundreds of pine cones in our yard due to the multiple extremely-tall pine trees everywhere.

Once Linden and I gathered a bunch of pine cones I decided that I would also use some of them to make a centerpiece for our kitchen table.  Linden and I found two dead branches in the back yard and I trimmed them down a little and placed them in some vases we had out.  I found some old ribbon and used it to attach the pine cones to the branches.  Presto, instant centerpiece.

Two notes on these photos:

  1. I didn’t realize how messy our bookshelves were until I looked at these pictures.  Hope the mess didn’t distract too much from the centerpieces.
  2. I didn’t use ANY glitter in this project.  None.  Got that Sarah – I completed an entire craft project without using glitter or anything shiny.  (Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I spent 30 minutes looking for my glitter.  I even got out my embossing powder and embossing gun and considered embossing the pine cones.  I think everyone will agree it is probably for the best that I decided about that)

2 responses to “D is for Decorating

  1. not surprised at all that you spent your morning looking for glitter 🙂 They look nice…I bet Linden had a ball ( she is quite a crafty girl)! Miss you lots!!

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