Praises and Prayer Requests, August 31st Edition

Happy TUESDAY everyone!  I kind of forgot to post yesterday.  I had the best of intentions but somehow the day got away from me!  Same deal as last week…I’m including a list of things I’m thankful for and things I am praying about.  If you would like to add to either list in the comments, feel free!


  1. We were able to have school outside on those new swings we were given last week.  It was such a blessing to sit outside in the sun and have our classes!
  2. We had a wonderful time at the Southwood Football Jamboree on Friday night.  I got to meet a few more of Tim’s fellow teachers and some of his students as well.
  3. Rebecca had a wonderful and safe time at the Airline Football Jamboree Friday night with many of her new friends.
  4. We attended the local CFE kick off dinner last week (the local home school group).  There were almost 100 people in attendance and we had a wonderful time.  We also learned about a number of opportunities that will be available throughout the year through the group.
  5. Tim is settling in to the routine of school and most of his students are getting in to the routine as well.
  6. Linden is finally getting in to the routine of school as well.  We are still struggling with the phonics lessons, but she is at least starting to cooperate.
  7. We are getting to know more people at church and with the local home school group.  We still miss our friends in Michigan, but we are starting to make new friends here in Louisiana.
  8. Food to eat and money to pay the bills.
  9. Wonderful friends and family.


  1. We have another busy week this week – Teen Bible Study, Timothy starts soccer practice, and Tim has meetings.
  2. Sale of our Michigan house.
  3. Tim as he teaches our Sunday School class this week – our teacher is out of town.
  4. Tim’s classes at Southwood.
  5. Continued diligence and learning in our home school.  Our school days have gotten a little longer now that we have started science, increased Bible to every day, and started our unit about Africa in World Cultures.
  6. For the kids to continue to make new friends in our new location.
  7. For our financial obligations to continue to be met while we wait for Tim to get his first paycheck.
  8. For Tim and I to make wise decisions about the ministries in which we will get involved at Cypress.

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