C is for Crochet

When I was little, my grandmother taught me to sew.  Thanks to this instruction, I am able to make quilts, clothing, and other items for friends and family.  She also tried very hard to teach me to knit and crochet.  These lessons weren’t as successful and I never really got the hang of either.

About 9 years ago, one of my friends re-taught (reminded? refreshed? re-learned?) me how to knit.  After a few lessons, I was able to make scarves, socks, sweaters and other items.  I went along happily knitting for several years and had no interest in learning to crochet.

Enter my friend Pat.  Pat knows how to knit and crochet, but far prefers crochet.  She took great enjoyment in repeatedly telling me that “anyone can crochet”.  I kept telling her that I just couldn’t do it.  Finally one Friday she informed me that a trained monkey could learn how to crochet and I had to be at least a little bit more intelligent than a trained monkey, so I should be able to crochet too.  That afternoon I went to the yarn store and bought a crochet book and a couple crochet hooks.  I spent the remainder of the weekend learning to crochet these little flower things.  Sunday morning at church I walked in to the auditorium, dropped a handful of my crochet flowers in her lap, and informed her that I was way smarter than a trained monkey.  I then promptly put away my crochet hooks and didn’t touch them for at least a year.

I am happy to say that I did eventually pick up my crochet hooks again and I have progressed beyond my little flowers.  I still enjoy knitting more than crochet, but I am finding that there are some projects that are just more interesting when worked in crochet rather than knit.  The crochet projects also seems to work up a lot faster too.

This past week I decided to make a pair of slipper socks for myself.  I pulled out my crochet hooks, dug around the storage room for my yarn, and in an afternoon had crafted a comfy pair of slipper socks for myself.  It’s good to know that I am still way smarter than a trained monkey!


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