Week Books, August 13, 2010

In the spring of last school year, I started having the kids write Week Book entries at the end of each school week.  I am going to post them here each week as a summary of what the kids are doing.  For now, just Rebecca and Timothy are completing them, soon we will add Linden into the mix as well.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Outside my window…I see trees and birds

Inside the house…It is quiet

I am wearing…a tank top and shorts

I am thankful that…I’m a Christian

I am hearing…complaining

I am thinking…about the Wii

I am going…to play around

I am reading…Genesis and Job

I am hoping…that I can play the Wii

I am remembering…sleeping

From school this week…I learned grammar and multiplication

One of my favorite things…is God

A few plans for next week…sleep, eat, and do school


Friday, August 13, 2010

Outside my window…I see bushes, trees, and a bird on the bird feeder

Inside the house…Linden is on the computer, Mom is getting ready to get on it, and TJ and I are doing this

I am wearing…My “I’m Third” shirt and black shorts

I am thankful that…we have such a cool youth group and church here

I am hearing…Linden and Mom talking about a game and birds chirping

I am thinking…about how nice everyone is here and about my new blog

I am going…to work on my website later on

I am reading…this, and Proverbs

I am hoping…that school goes fast and that I can visit back in Michigan soon

I am remembering…what a great summer this was and what God did in my this summer

From school this week…Algebra review, Louisiana history, biographies in English, Wisdom in Bible, and started my blog

One of my favorite things…about moving here is my new youth group.  They are absolutely amazing!

A few plans for next week…church, school, Collide, and hanging out


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