First Day of School

Hooray!  Today was our first day of school.

Just look at these excited faces

Today Rebecca started 8th grade, Timothy started 5th grade and Linden started Kindergarten.  We started three subjects this morning – Social Studies, Math and Language Arts.  We will also be doing Bible on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will be starting Science in September.

For Social Studies, we are doing Around the World in 180 days (Apologia Press).  All three kids are taking the class together, but will have different assignments according to their grade.  Before we start that course, however, we are taking about a month and learning a little about our new home state.  Today the kids learned some fast facts about Louisiana and created parish and waterway maps of the state.

While the big kids were working on their maps, Linden and I worked on phonics and patterns.  Today, Linden practiced writing the letter “A” and recognizing the sound this letter makes at the beginning and end of words.  Then, she worked on recognizing patterns and creating matches.

For Language Arts, Rebecca is starting a unit on Biographies and Autobiographies.  Today she learned about objective and subjective writing and various literary genres.  Timothy is studying tall tales and legends in Language Arts.  Today he learned the characteristics of each of these genres and read The Birth of Pecos Bill.

Linden and I also worked on Math today.  She practiced writing numbers and worked on greater/lesser number comparisons.  She also completed some worksheets relating to sorting and patterns.

The first week or so of Math will be a review for the big kids.  Timothy worked on multiplication review worksheets today and will spend the majority of this week on this review.

Rebecca started Algebra last year and completed about half of the course.  We are spending a few weeks reviewing the concepts she studied last year.  Today she completed worksheets solving linear equations.

Today was a wonderful first day of school and even Linden cooperated and did all her work.  I’m praying the remaining 179 days of the school year go as smooth as today!


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