Lake Baptism

Once a year Cypress Baptist Church holds a lake baptism at Cypress Black Bayou Park.  The park has camping, a small zoo, and is located on the bank of the Cypress Black Bayou lake.  This year’s lake baptism was held yesterday and I have to admit O Brother Where Art Thou came to mind more than once when we were on our way to the lake.

The beach area at the lake has several picnic tables and grills.  There is a large sandy area for play that leads into the lake.  The kids enjoyed themselves swimming in water much warmer than our lakes ever reached in Michigan.

(This is Linden explaining to me how hot it is)

After time for play, Pastor Fream started the baptism ceremony.  There were 5 people being baptized this year.

Pastor Fream and the 5 people being bapized this year

This was the first time I have been to a baptism that was not at a church baptismal.  It was a very nice service and a great day.


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