Busy Week

I haven’t written much this week and I have taken very few pictures.  We have been really busy around here.  Sorry – no pictures today, just a little summary of what we have been doing.

Tim signed his contract with Caddo Parish this week, making his job with Southwood High School official.  I’m sure I wrote this before, but he will be teaching Senior composition and one section of honors Freshman English.  He starts in-service on August 11 and his first day of classes is August 18.  He has spent most of this week reading his textbooks, reviewing the supporting material, and getting ready for classes.

I have spent most of my week getting ready for school as well.  I organized a 1 month introduction to the history, government and culture of Louisiana.  We are going to spend our first month of Social Studies on Louisiana before moving on the the text we selected for the year (Around the World in 180 Days, Apologia).  Recently, Tim and I made the decision to pattern Language Arts for Timothy and Rebecca after the comprehensive curricula for Louisiana.  Once we finish up the requirements for the year, I will add additional Reading and Grammar lessons for them.  So, I also spent the week organizing handouts, worksheets, and reading assignments for Rebecca and Timothy.  Rebecca will start her year reading and writing biographies and autobiographies.  Timothy will start his year learning about tall tales and legends, reading a number of these and writing his own.  There were also math lessons to review for all three kids and Bible lesson plans to write.  In addition (just to make sure I don’t get bored) I have been getting reading lessons ready for Linden.  We have already started our reading and writing lessons and she is actually interested in learning – which is a complete turn around for her.

As for the kids, Rebecca spent most of the week at Cypress for I’m Third.  I’m Third is mission week at Cypress and the teens have been busy this week serving meals at the Shreveport homeless shelter, painting, visiting a local nursing home, and doing various other service projects around town.  The teens have also had a worship service each evening.  Don’t worry that they have been too busy, however, because they also got some down time to spend at the coffee bar having some (highly caffeinated) down-time and checking their Facebook accounts!

Timothy had a roller skating party on Monday and a swim party on Tuesday with his youth group.  Unfortunately, his swim party was cut short by thunderstorms brought on by Hurricane Bonnie.  While it poured on him in Bossier City, we barely got enough rain to wet the ground up here in Plain Dealing.

Linden has been busy this week following Timothy around arguing with everything he says, telling everyone how much she misses Rebecca, and practicing her reading and writing.  So, it’s been a full week for her too!


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