Tree Climbing

I haven’t written much lately but the kids have been busy exploring our new yard.  On Saturday, they spent most of the morning climbing various trees in our yard.  Here are some pictures of their adventures.

Rebecca in one of the trees in our front yard.

Timothy climbing up the same tree in our front yard.

Linden in one of the trees in our back yard – she had a little help from her brother and sister to climb up there.

Rebecca and Timothy in the same tree in the back yard.

Rebecca boosting Timothy up into one of our back yard trees.

Linden found a tree in our side yard that is just the right size for her to climb in without help.

Linden very proud of herself after climbing into her tree.

Rebecca giving Linden a little help out of her tree.

It’s hard to believe, but we start school 3 weeks from today.  I really need to get busy and finish up our lesson plans!


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