A Fun Friday Find

Yesterday I finally had a chance to walk around the property we are renting with Tim.  Near the back there is a rather large, overgrown fenced in plot of land.  When our landlords lived in this house, they planted a family garden in that plot.  We have been invited to plant whatever we would like there next spring.  Bordering one side of the fence are a number of trees…

…I should have gotten closer to the trees when I took the picture.  If I had you would be able to see that several of these trees are fig trees.  Ronnie and Pat (our landlords) gave us permission to harvest and use any of the fruit from the trees near the garden.

The figs on our trees are just starting to ripen.  This afternoon I walked out the to fig trees with Linden, Rebecca, and Timothy and we picked some figs.  Unfortunately, the four of us could only reach about 12 ripe figs and Linden ate 6 of them walking back from the trees to the house.  We needed to call in the men for some help…

…so Ronnie and Tim came to the rescue and helped us add to our harvest.  When they were finished, our bowl of 4 figs (Linden ate 2 more once we got them back to the kitchen) grew to just about 2 pounds of figs.

So, can you guess what we had for dessert tonight?

There were enough figs to make 2 crumbles – the one pictured above and a second one that the kids shared with Ronnie and Pat.

Since the figs are just starting to ripen, it looks like we will be enjoying fresh figs for quite some time.  That should make Linden very happy!


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