Pizza Crusts and Paperbacks

Those two things may seem to have nothing in common, but they sum up my Wednesday pretty well.

As most of you probably know, we have lots (and I do mean lots) of books.  Before yesterday, we had unpacked a few random boxes of books and put them on book shelves in the dining room or the bedrooms.  However, our dining room walls were still lined with boxes that needed unpacking.  Tim’s job for Wednesday was to mow our yard – which takes a little longer than it did in Michigan since we now have 2.5 acres to tend to instead of 1 acre.  Before he went out to mow, Tim helped me put up some of our modular shelving in the dining room.

I spent most of the rest of the day unpacking boxes filled with books and the occasional cd or computer disk.  While I was unpacking, I also made a batch of mini-pizza crusts to freeze.  We like to keep these handy because the kids can make their own personal pizzas for lunch.  Since I was going to be spending the day in the dining room, it seemed like the perfect time to restock our pizza crust stores.

I didn’t get all the boxes in the dining room unpacked, but I did manage to get through 36 of them.  The boxes that are left are filled with pictures, decorations, and other miscellaneous stuff that I am still not sure where to store.  Of course, the books are not organized in any particular order, but at least they are unpacked.

I don’t think we will be on the cover of House Beautiful anytime soon, but here is a picture of our (mostly unpacked) dining room.


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