Shreveport Farmer’s Market

Downtown Shreveport hosts a farmer’s market on Saturday mornings from June to September.  Over 100 vendors fill Festival Plaza each Saturday morning selling various local produce, local honey, meat, baked goods, soup and bread mixes, and herbs.  There is also a smaller farmer’s market in the same location on Tuesday evenings during June and July.

We have been in Louisiana as a family for two Saturday mornings and visited the farmer’s market both days.  Since it is Sunday and I don’t feel like writing much today, I thought I would include some pictures from the market this week.

A view of one entrance to Festival Plaza.

Festival Plaza.  The vendors are located under the permanent structure as well as under the removable tent.

These are two of the benches that sit outside Festival plaza.  Both have been decorated with tile mosaics.

We arrived at the market 15 minutes after it opened this Saturday, and even at 7:15 am the place was starting to get packed.

These two pictures show the long tile mosaic mural that lines the back wall of Festival Plaza.  The pictures really don’t do it justice.

On this day, our only purchase was a jar of garlic jelly.  We were hoping to try the crawfish pepper jelly, but the vendor was still sold out.  They make a five pepper jelly to which I could devote an entire post.  Maybe I will do that this week!


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