A little bit of family time

I was finally able to upload some pictures to my blog so I thought I would share a few of them to show how we have been spending our time.

This is one of our (many) outdoor pets.  We think it is a blue-tailed skink.  He (and all of his friends) are welcome to stay around our house because they eat a lot of the bugs.  As long as he continues to be happy living outside, we are happy to have him!

Tim and Timothy have been playing catch out in our driveway in the evenings when it isn’t too unbearably hot and humid.  The warmer temperatures are welcome, but we are still getting used to the humidity.

Linden has been working on writing her letters quite a bit since we got here.  On this afternoon we decided to have class outside in the sun.

Rebecca and Linden also enjoy sitting outside and reading while the boys are playing catch.

We spent some time this morning at the Farmer’s Market and I took several pictures there as well.  Instead of adding them to the end of this post, I think I will write a separate post exclusively about the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.


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